Waiting List

Currently I’m staying fully booked several weeks in advance. That said, I do get cancellations and reschedules fairly often, which sometimes leave gaps in my schedule.

To address the issue, I’ve created a waiting list so that you may have the opportunity to get in for an appointment sooner rather than later.

To join the waiting list, submit the form below:

A suggestion: in addition to joining the waiting list, book an appointment in the future that fits your schedule. Should you get in for an earlier appointment through the waiting list, you could either move the existing appointment to the new time, or keep both appointments.

The best way to get on my calendar

The best way to get on my calendar is, of course, to simply stay on it.

If you have a preferred day of the week and time that you’d like for appointments on an ongoing basis — either weekly or every few weeks — contact me, and I’ll do my best to make that happen.