Massage Therapy and Body Sculpting in Knoxville, TN

Hi, I’m David Morgan, a licensed massage therapist, bodyworker, yoga facilitator, and Reiki practitioner. Welcome to Bodhi Bodywork, LLC.

I specialize in post-op lymphatic drainage massage and wood therapy. I have certifications in a number of other modalities, including Thai massage, manual lymphatic drainage, cupping, hot bamboo, hot stone, deep tissue, lomi lomi, prenatal massage, scar release, cellulite massage, and more (see below).

My goal is to support your health, healing, and well-being by creating a massage treatment plan tailored to your individual needs.

Whether you have a physical issue, like limited range of motion or nagging hip, back, or neck pain…

…you have pain and swelling from cosmetic surgery…

…you want to decrease the size of cellulite and smooth its appearance…

…or you need stress relief, detoxification, and energy balancing through intuitive, therapeutic touch…

You’ve come to the right place.

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If you have questions about how I might be able to help you, please contact me right away.

My Knoxville massage therapy services include:

Post-Op Lymphatic Massage

Post-op lymphatic massage can decrease swelling and pain, cut recovery time dramatically, and improve the outcome of your surgery.

Whether you need a lymphatic massage after a tummy tuck, you’re looking for post BBL massage therapy, or you want a lymphatic drainage massage after liposuction, rest assured I follow a safe, evidence-based post-surgery massage protocol.

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Deep Tissue Massage

Your deep tissue massage experience in Knoxville, TN can give you:

Greater range of motion can increase sports performance and give you better workouts.
Deeper relaxation and better sleep by increasing dopamine, serotonin, and endorphin levels while lowering levels of stress hormones.
Decreased pain by getting the knots out of strained or overworked muscles and connective tissue.
Deep tissue massage can also help speed up healing by decreasing inflammation and increasing blood circulation. It’s also a great way to unwind mentally, lower blood pressure, and increase lung function.

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Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Therapeutic Massage

Lomi lomi, a traditional Hawaiian therapeutic massage, treats the body and mind as one. It can:

  • release physical tension and mental stress by slowing down the nervous system
  • assist the flow of blood and lymph
  • help your body eliminate waste and stimulate the removal of toxins
  • rejuvenate the body by loosening joints, muscles, and increasing range of motion
  • instill a sense of inner peace, harmony with life, and general well being.

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Prenatal Massage

Massage is safe during all phases of pregnancy, and has many benefits, including:

  • Reduced back and joint pain
  • Reduced anxiety, stress, headaches, and muscle tension
  • Better sleep
  • Reduced swelling
  • Improved circulation and oxygenation of muscles and soft tissues

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Thai Yoga Massage

Traditional Thai yoga massage, called nuad thai or nuad boran in the Thai language, is an ancient healing practice that has been handed down from teacher to pupil for hundreds, if not thousands, of years.

Unlike most massage modalities, in Thai yoga massage, the muscles are not rubbed. Instead, the Thai yoga practitioner compresses, pulls, stretches, and rocks the body of the massage recipient to relieve tension, remove blockages in the recipient’s sen lines of vital life force, and restore balance and harmony.

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