Ultrasound Cavitation

Ultrasound cavitation (also called cavi-lipo or lipo cavitation) is a painless, non-invasive form of body sculpting that removes fat and can be done on your lunch hour.

You don’t need to take time away from work or family, and there is no recovery period.

This treatment is best for people who are within 15-30 pounds of their target weight, but need a little help reaching their goal. 

It is not a substitute for a healthy lifestyle, but it is an excellent, safe, non-invasive, and effective treatment for removing fat beneath the skin — without cosmetic surgery. 

How Lipo Cavitation Works

Low-frequency ultrasound waves are used to target fat in the midsection, upper arms, thighs, and hips, causing fat cells to vibrate and heat up until they liquefy.

These liquids are then cleared by the lymphatic system and absorbed into the blood stream. Proteins are transported to the liver where they are processed and released.

Many of the nutrients are reused by the body, and with the help of radiofrequency therapy, may help rejuvenate the skin.

There is no scarring from cavitation, no recovery downtime, it’s more cost-effective than liposuction — and certainly less painful, as it doesn’t hurt at all.

Risks/Side Effects

After treatment, some people experience temporary side effects such as mild discomfort and bruising. 

When done incorrectly, cavitation can cause dimples or loose skin — especially over areas that have recently had liposuction of abdominoplasty. (The fat that the surgeon leaves behind should be left alone — it’s there for a reason!)

A skilled practitioner can produce natural-looking results. No one will be the wiser.

Ultrasound Cavitation Contraindications

This treatment is not recommended for anyone who:

  • is pregnant or could be pregnant
  • has a pacemaker
  • has cardiac or vascular disease
  • is diabetic
  • has had surgery in the target areas in the last 6-12 months (contact me for more details)

What to Expect from Your Cavi-Lipo Sessions

The ideal candidate for ultrasonic cavitation is in good overall health, doesn’t smoke, has realistic expectations, and is already within 15-30 pounds of their goal weight.

Cavitation isn’t a service for people who are trying to lose a lot of weight, but it can help with small areas of stubborn fat that have resisted diet and exercise…

…and it can help contour your body, giving you more of an hourglass shape at the waist, and reduce the circumference of your belly, arms and thighs. 

We’ll measure success by how many inches you have shrunk in your target areas. 

Most clients don’t notice effects immediately after their first session. It takes time.

The good news is, average fat loss is roughly two inches after 5 treatments. That’s significant.

How to Get Started with Ultrasound Cavitation

To get started, we’ll first have a brief talk either in person or via Zoom to discuss health history and to see if cavitation is an appropriate tool to help you reach your goals. There is no charge for this assessment, and no obligation.

Next, if we’re a good fit, we’ll schedule your sessions so you can start feeling slimmer as soon as possible!

I offer cavitation packages of 6 and 12 sessions. Sessions need to be scheduled at least three days apart.

Each session lasts between 30 and 120 minutes, depending on the areas of the body you want to target, and other services you may select.

Here’s a short list of your options:

  • Radiofrequency and red light therapies can be added to tighten skin.
  • Cellulite massage can smooth, diminish, and detoxify remaining cellulite.
  • Faradic electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) can tone the muscle underneath the remaining fat, increase metabolism, and burn off the energy released from the liquefied fat cells so it doesn’t get the chance to reform as body fat!
  • Wood therapy can also be added to tone muscle, lose water weight, boost metabolism, and smooth cellulite.

There’s no time like the present to take another step down the path to looking and feeling your best.

All you need to do to get started is fill out your details below and click “submit!”