Swedish Therapeutic Massage

The Swedish or “classic” massage is the best known and most commonly practiced type of massage therapy today. The goals of Swedish massage are to relieve muscle tension and to promote relaxation.

Techniques used in Swedish massage include:

  • Circular movements with the hands and palms
  • Kneading of muscles
  • Passive joint movements
  • Long strokes, tapping, and more.

These techniques relax the whole body and may relieve tight muscles in the lower back, shoulders, and neck caused by sitting at a desk, sleeping “wrong,” or exercise.

Swedish massage can also increase flexibility, improve circulation of blood and lymph, and increasing blood oxygen levels. Several small studies also suggest that Swedish massage can boost immune response.

What to expect during a Swedish Massage

Typically, a Swedish massage involves massaging the whole body, back and front. You’ll be asked to undress to your comfort level and get under a sheet while I wait outside. It’s up to you whether to keep your underwear on or not, but please remove all jewelry. While I massage one part of the body, the rest of the body stays covered.

I’ll ask what kind of pressure you like — light, medium, or firm. Please speak up at any point during the massage if you need more or less pressure.

If a particular body part is of concern, such as a tight neck or back, feel free to ask me to spend more time in this area.

I generally use coconut oil infused with one or more essential oils for the massage. If you have any allergies, please tell me before we begin.