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positive review  Y’all....don’t walk RUN to make an appointment with David Morgan at Art of Sacred Healing!! His magic energy work with Thai yoga is something you didn’t even know you needed but will never forget. Legit I feel so amazing! I needed this so much and know I released some of the stuck energy I’ve been carrying in my body for a long time! I’m for real treat yourself and give yourself this gift! He will be getting all my money and I feel great about it! ❤️🔥🙌🙏

thumb Jamie Raper
April 17, 2019

positive review  David has been in this field for many years now and has developed a great feel for healing work. I would highly recommend his Thai massage for stress relief, physical discomfort, and energetic balancing 🙏

thumb Philip Clift
April 8, 2019

positive review  Wonderful first experience, can wait to have more sessions with David.

thumb Carrie Foltz-Gray
April 9, 2019

positive review  I just finished my first (of many I'm sure) Thai Yoga sessions with David. He has a firm but gentle touch and his energy flows with you to create an experience that is deeply healing and enjoyable.

thumb Mebbie Jackson
April 9, 2019

positive review  David is an amazing healer. He has been in the healing arts field for a number of years. I felt amazing after he worked with me. I had more energy and felt the stress melt away from my body!

thumb Gina Baker
April 10, 2019

positive review  The massage David did left me so relaxed and invigorated I was floating for two whole days even though I had a ton of work to do! The super powers he transmitted/unearthed got me through some intense deadline pressure with grace and positivity. I’ll definitely be back for more!

thumb Alex Pulsipher
April 13, 2019

positive review  I would recommend David for both a person new to Thai yoga and for the experienced as well. I’m amazed at how much “exercise” I got just by doing nothing except relaxing into the experience. David is number one in making you feel welcomed, not judged, and his hope of you having a great time is palpable. No reservation. Enthusiastically encouraged!

thumb Teresa Marrero
April 7, 2019

positive review  David is not only an amazing healer but an amazing person . His energy is full of love and light and I highly recommend his healing work ! I am looking forward to working with him again .

thumb Spencer Carlson
April 11, 2019

positive review  I just wanted to take a moment to praise David Morgan for his skill and dedication to client's needs. I have had massages faithfully for over 15 years for stress reduction, seasonal depression, decreasing toxins, and improving flexibility. I have never been more impressed or comfortable with a provider. David has an intuitive touch and communicates throughout the session to ensure your comfort level and needs are being addressed. He applies ample pressure for areas that have been increasingly more difficult to relieve for me personally. He has introduced me to different modalities of massage such as Thai and Lomi Lomi that are amazing, and a great alternatives to my go to deep tissue massage. If you have never had the pleasure of treating yourself to massage, I would highly recommend it as one of the best forms of self care that we can do for ourselves, and we are very fortunate to have David in the healing arts community in Knoxville.<3

thumb Donna Mullinax
May 7, 2021

positive review  I had the best session with David! My body feels amazing and I feel calm and relaxed. I can't wait to schedule another session! I highly recommend seeing him and showing yourself a little self-love and care!

thumb Ashley White
April 10, 2019

positive review  Awesome experience. I highly recommend giving it a try! Very relaxing, restorative, and reasonably priced.

thumb Joy Sabo
May 24, 2019

positive review  First time with this method and thoroughly loved receiving both a subtle and firm balanced expression of energy. I’m healing and usually a bit braced when receiving for protection of the misalignment ...soon into the session I knew I could relax and heal. Thank you David 🙏

thumb Sandy Larson
April 10, 2019

positive review  David is an exceptional massouse a true healer, a master of his craft and well worth every penny and then some. I walk out Everytime feeling like a new woman, this is the self-care we all need

thumb Elizabeth Smith
September 1, 2020

positive review  As a first timer I can sincerely say it was an amazing experience! David made me feel comfortable the entire time. Am definitely going back!

thumb Danielle DeLorme
April 28, 2019

positive review  I left David’s session feeling like a deliriously happy wet noodle. Highly recommend!

thumb Jill Waguespack Bartine
April 12, 2019

positive review  David's techniques are bar-none! I've treated for years with massage therapy. After one visit with David, I had immense relief in my hips, shoulders, neck and back. I now see him regularly. If you're seeking a massage with results, give Bodhi a try!

thumb Marybeth Perry
July 1, 2021

positive review  As a flight attendant I have had massages all over the world. David is first class all the way! Very professional, Extremely Talented and very Knowledgeable. One of the best massage I have ever had! Knoxville is lucky to have him

thumb Celeste Wagner
January 13, 2021

positive review  David is the real deal. A dedicated healer. If your in the area I recommend his practice.

thumb Anthony B. James
June 20, 2019