Ultrasound cavitation & CoolSculpting — are they the same?

While the end results are similar, the mechanisms used are practically opposites.

Ultrasound cavitation — also called lipo cavitation — and cryosculpting (the most popular brand being CoolSculpting) are both effective means of ridding the body of unwanted fat that has resisted diet and exercise.

How CoolSculpting Works

CoolSculpting utilizes a natural phenomenon: fat cells freeze at a higher temperature than other body cells. And when fat cells are frozen, they die.

CoolSculpting machines freeze fat cells beneath the skin, effectively killing them. The body then removes the dead cells through the lymphatic system.

While I don’t offer CoolSculpting, should you seek the service elsewhere, I can help the process along with lymphatic drainage massage — to help the body more quickly cleanse itself of the dead fat cells. Wood therapy can also be helpful not only to help the lymphatic system clear out waste, but also to smooth and shape the remaining, living fat cells.

How Ultrasound Cavitation Works

Cavitation sends ultrasound waves to the fat cells beneath the skin layers, causing them to vibrate and heat up until they liquify.

Once liquified, the body removes what were once fat cells as waste through the urine.

I offer ultrasound cavitation as part of my body sculpting service, which you can book here.

Like CoolSculpting, lymphatic drainage massage and wood therapy can help the process along — and these are included in my body sculpting sessions.

The biggest downside of both cavitation and CoolSculpting

While both are very effective, non-invasive methods of fat elimination — with no pain, a short recovery time, and no scarring — they share a common downside:

Loose, dimpled, or wavy skin can result from both CoolSculpting and ultrasound cavitation, because some of the fat supporting the skin has been destroyed.

Not to worry — this can be addressed with red light and near infrared light (NIR) therapies, which promote skin health, and with radiofrequency (RF) skin tightening, which boosts collagen production to make the skin more elastic.

I offer light therapies and RF skin tightening both as components of individualized body sculpting sessions and as standalone services. Contact me for details.