Ultrasound cavitation & CoolSculpting — are they the same?

ultrasound cavitation

While the end results are similar, the mechanisms used are practically opposites. Ultrasound cavitation — also called lipo cavitation — and cryosculpting (the most popular brand being CoolSculpting) are both effective means of ridding the body of unwanted fat that has resisted diet and exercise. How CoolSculpting Works CoolSculpting utilizes a natural phenomenon: fat cells … Read more

July Body Sculpting Giveaway!

body sculting Knoxville, TN

Edit: This offer has expired. See the most recent giveaway offers. WIN: 3 Free Body Sculpting Sessions Knoxville residents: To celebrate my new body-sculpting service, I’m giving away a prize pack of 3 free 90-minute sessions valued at $675! This is perfect for anyone with… This giveaway is open to anyone, including existing clients. The winner … Read more